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Electronic Message Center Signs - Columbus, Ohio

columbus ohio vehicle wrapDāNite Sign Co. can install, servcice, and maintain any electronic message center in Ohio. DāNite Sign Co. can works throughout Ohio, with some of our main markets in Dayton, Delaware, Lancaster, Mt. Vernon, Zanesville, and Newark.

Also known as: Electronic Message Boards (EMBs), Electronic Message Displays (EMDs), Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), Digital Signs, Marquee Signs and Electronic Display Systems (EDSs)

Electronic Message Centers

  • Attract Customers with Animation
  • LED Message Center
  • Contents: Text, Graphics, and/or Video
  • Know Your Audience Traffic
  • Do You Need a Particular Viewing Angle
  • Custom Software to Support Message

Ohio Electronic Message Center Sign Company

People call them by a variety of names: electronic message boards (EMBs), electronic message displays (EMDs), electronic message centers (EMCs), digital signs, marquee signs and electronic display systems (EDSs), just to name a few… but they all equate to the most flexible, effective and dynamic advertising medium available for business marketing. They are so versatile that you'll see these signs at a variety of businesses: automobile dealers, pharmacies, movie theaters, casinos, sports arenas, banks, restaurants, zoos... even as billboards!

The LED or 'Light Emitting Diode' is not a light bulb, but an efficient, effective and ultra-bright alternative. Full color LED signs and message centers are without a doubt the most eye-catching and versatile signs you can have for your business. If you want to make a powerful, long-range marketing impact, the LED sign or electronic message center is the solution for you. While the sign next door remains the same all day – and all year – a dynamic LED sign changes to capture and recapture the public's attention. This energy efficient and low maintenance tool gives you the ability to announce new message centers signagesales, specials, messages and community information, at any time and in any weather. You can display text messages, photo-realistic graphics, run pre-programmed animations and even display video to the thousands of cars and pedestrians that pass your business each day. The software that comes with the sign makes changing your daily or weekly scheduled messages quick and easy. Improve your business' visibility, presence and consumer traffic. Take your business marketing to the next level with one of the many brands of EMC that DaNite Sign Company offers. There are many different manufacturers of EMC's such as Daktronics, Optec, Watchfire, and YESCO, and DaNite Sign Company has a good working relationship with each of these top manufacturers. A DaNite Sign Design Consultant can help you determine which brand fits your business needs best and will take on the laborious permitting research and procurement work often required with an EMC installation. Contact DaNite Sign Company for all of your Columbus, OH, surrounding Ohio area and national Electronic Message Center needs. Our specialists work throughout Ohio, with clients in the Dayton, Delaware, Lancaster, Mt. Vernon, Zanesville, and Newark markets, to name a few.